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Yoga Therapy in Chronic Pain

Duration – 8 hours

Chronic pain is one of the most prevalent, debilitating, and expensive problems in the modern world.
This course will explain pain science (biology, pathways, etiology, classifications) and the practical ways through which we can help manage, mitigate, and resolve chronic pain with yoga therapy.


This course is a part of the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program and can be attended as  part of the 300-hour Yoga Therapy foundations course or independently, as a continuing education program. It will be also available as an online module at a later date.

The Move Well & Breathe Well courses are prerequisites for this course.


The program is held over 1 days, 8.30am – 5.00pm.

Monday 22nd March 2024


Dunottar Hall
175 Garnet Road (cnr Garnet Rd & Faulder Ave)
Auckland 1022


$185.00 incl. GST

Barbara Coley

Barbara Coley is an experienced and skilled yoga teacher, educator, & certified yoga therapist. She has a deep passion for sharing sound yoga practices that empower and promote well-being on all levels.

Barbara has been practising yoga since 1992 and teaching since 2007. She has deepened her understanding of yoga, and continues to do so, through extensive studies with A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan of Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda. She has also studied online with a number of renowned international teachers specialising in various fields including Vina Shah, Jean Campbell, Jivana Heyman, Amber Karnes, Tom Myers, Marlysa Sullivan, Amy Wheeler, Dianne Bondy, Tiffany Cruickshank, and more.

Barbara began her studies in Yoga Therapy with Dr Ganesh Mohan in 2010 and has been a practicing Certified Yoga Therapist since 2016. She is certified with with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Australia and Yoga New Zealand.

Barbara is grateful to be a personal student of A. G. Mohan & Indra Mohan and continues her studies and mentoring in yoga and yoga therapy with them and their son, Dr Ganesh Mohan. Barbara presents the Yoga for Svastha Yoga Teacher Training Program and the Svastha Yoga Therapy Training Program in Aotearoa.

Barbara’s yoga qualifications include:

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