Group Yoga Therapy Classes & Workshops

Barbara presents regular group yoga therapy classes to assist students facing similar health conditions. These classes are usually conducted in 5 or 6 week blocks and are designed to educate participants in the art of self-care, using the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda.

Courses are presented in ‘workshop’ style, therefore, are practical and educational. They are also suitable for yoga teachers who wish to deepen their understanding in certain areas in order to help their own students.

During the course, all participants are provided with personal practices based on their particular needs and health challenges.

If you have an interest in a workshop topic currently not available, please contact Barbara with your suggestion.

“I stumbled upon the info on the Yoga for Stress Management and Resilience course and timing was perfect. I’d done yoga classes with Barbara before and she’s a great teacher. The course was perfectly paced, full of amazing ideas – a toolkit for de-stressing. I’ve used the breathing and yoga techniques regularly to keep me aware and mindful.
I can highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn new ways to cope with life’s onslaughts!”
~ Janie Sheridan

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Group Yoga Therapy Classes