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Apr 18, 2021 | Health, Yoga, Yoga Teacher Training

Training to be a qualified 200-hour yoga teacher is different at Svastha Yoga. Like many training programs, ours takes place over six months, on a part-time basis. But what you’ll learn and who you’ll learn it from is unlike the training elsewhere. Here are a handful of ways that our Auckland, New Zealand, teacher training is special.

Teach the People, Not the Posture

We know that every single body is different and that means that our trainee teachers learn how to teach people of all ages, shapes and sizes, cultures, lifestyles, and with all sorts of physical issues and limitations. We go beyond teaching you how to help people make physical shapes by covering functional anatomy, physiology, safety principles around yoga and modern movement science, as well as everything else you need to understand the body. We encourage you to question dogmatic approaches to teaching methods and alignment cues and to teach each person as an individual. And we guide you in how to promote inclusivity and accessibility so your classes are welcoming to all.

Yoga is About the Body & the Mind

We believe that yoga is about optimal health and balance, not just a physical workout, or putting bodies into complex shapes.  That means that we promote a holistic approach when it comes to teaching in a yoga studio, so you can help your students both physically and mentally. We are passionate about yoga as a tool for good mental health and include mental health awareness in our teacher training. Why is this important? A recent study in Australia found that “more people used yoga for stress management and anxiety than back, neck or shoulder problems, suggesting that mental health may be the primary health-related motivation for practicing yoga.” In line with that research, we assume that every person we meet on the mat is dealing with stress, strain or mental health issues, so teaching yoga in a way that acknowledges that and incorporates mindfulness is crucial.

The Positive Effects on Personal Practice

Many of our teacher training students don’t plan to teach but want to deepen their personal knowledge of their own practice. From the in-depth exploration of yoga in our 200-hour training, you gain a profound insight into your own body and practice that enhances your ability and understanding. Each student is guided in developing a personal practice via personal mentoring. For those that do go on to teach, there is greater understanding from your own experience that you can apply to each class.

Learn from an Expert

Teacher trainer Barbara Coley has decades of experience in the world of yoga. Yoga has been a way of life for her since 1992; she has been teaching students the practice of yoga since 2006; and running her Auckland teacher training program for the last decade. Over those years, Barbara has come to believe that the key to teaching yoga is to meet students where they are and encourage them to move and breathe in a way that is both functional and easeful. Barbara also has 10 years of working as a yoga therapist (certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Australia and Yoga New Zealand) which also informs her teacher training.

A Wealth of Information

Students on our 200-hour teacher training program often comment on the wealth of information they receive over their six-month training. Our course information is drawn from the traditional text of the Yogastras of Patanjali, functional anatomy and physiology, neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, various pranayama practices and theories and of course, the teachings of Svastha Yoga . We honour the historical roots of yoga and ensure that cultural appropriation is avoided in teaching. Combined, these methodologies and theories help to look at teaching yoga in a different way.

Small is Beautiful

At Svastha Yoga our cohorts of trainee teachers are kept small — a maximum of 12 students — so that over your six-month program you get personal attention and a more authentic, in depth experience.

Study part-time in Auckland, January – June 2022

Rarotonga Intensive (3 weeks) May/June 2022

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