Sri Lanka has been a country that I have wanted to visit for such a longtime and I’m thrilled to invite you to join me for 7 days of Svastha Yoga in July!

Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat with Barbara Coley

We wil be staying at the delightful colonial mansion, Villa de Zoysa, which is located in a small town (Boossa) on the South Coast. The owner of the villa, Devinda de Zoysa, runs retreats throughout the year and I was delighted that he is happy to have me host my own retreat there.

A yoga teacher I know attended a retreat there last year and can’t speak highly enough of both the environment and of Devinda de Zoysa who is the owner. Another colleague from the UK has also highly recommended it, so I feel very confident in my choice.

I have to say  Devinda has been so very helpful. He has patiently answered all of my questions and I just know he will do his very best to ensure that our stay at the Villa is all it can be.


And what will we do there?

Firstly, since this is a yoga retreat, let’s talk about the yoga!

We will have two practices each day – morning and evening. The morning practice will incorporate chanting of the Smarta Gayatri to greet the sun and the day. This is a simpler form of the well-known Gayatri Mantra and easy to learn and chant.

Following on from this, we will have an asana practice for around 45-50 minutes and we’ll complete the practice with pranayama and meditation. For those of you who do not know my approach to teaching, this is a mindful, slow moving practice.  My classes are inclusive and I do not teach ‘complicated’ asana that is out of the reach of most people. Rather, I focus on asana that is functional and appropriate to the practitioner. This ensures that we do not create any disturbance in the body or exacerbate any pre-existing condition you may have.

This is yoga where we turn our attention inward, focusing our attention to calm and clear the mind and soothe the nervous system. As my teacher, Indra Mohan,  often says – “this is a work in not a work out”. Isn’t that what yoga is – an inner experience? 

Before our evening meal, we will have another practice, a more restorative practice with a longer pranayama and meditation segment.

We have the choice of poolside or beach side yoga spaces.

I am also more than happy to spend some time discussing and answering questions on the various aspects of yoga if this is something participants want, and am happy to make myself available for private sessions.

What about the food?

Breakfast & dinner are served after our two daily practices in the villa’s grand dining room. Both meals are included in the retreat package, and if you do happen to hang out at the villa during the day, Devinda is happy to organise a light lunch for you – sandwiches, juice etc.

The menu will be vegetarian and prepared on site using fresh, in season local produce. All reviews about the villa I have read rave about the food!

Free time

The time between practices is your own to do as you please. Devinda, has suggested that he is more than happy to arrange some excursions should people be interested in going out as a group but, you are also welcome to plan your own days and have your own adventures.

The place I’m most looking forward to visiting is Galle Fort which is located about a 20 minute drive from the villa. Galle Fort is referred to as “The Jewel of Sri Lanka” and is one of the five historic sites of Sri Lanka and a UNESCO world heritage site. It underwent substantial restoration after the 2004 tsunami.  First built by the Portuguese in 1588 and later extensively fortified by the Dutch in the 17th century, it has some wonderful architecture, which I am simply dying to see. It has a diverse ethnic and religious population of approximately 112,000.

Galle Fort - Sri Lanka
Building at Galle Fort
Church in Galle Fort

Other sites of interest are local tea plantations and cinnamon farms. There is also a turtle beach where you can see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. There are beaches nearby for swimming & surfing and of course, there is the call of the villas extensive terraces for relaxing with a good book or conversation.

Check out my retreats page for more information on accommodation, costs etc and feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.

What do other people say?

All reviews I have read about Villa de Zoysa and Devinda have been positive. Just check out his Instagram and Facebook pages and see for yourself. I’ve also posted a recommendation on my retreats page and and this is a link to another teacher’s blog where she talks  about her experience. 

Lonely Planet have marked Sri Lanka as ‘the’ place to visit in 2019. This is great for Sri Lanka and will be a great boost to tourism and their economy however, it also probably means that it will get more expensive travel there. So why don’t you cross this off your bucket list and join me in July while the prices are still reasonable.

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