Chronic Pain & Fatigue Classes

These classes are designed for people who are experiencing persistent pain including fibromyalgia, back pain, migraines etc. Classes are limited to five students and are conducted in five-week blocks, prepaid and pre-booked.

About the Program

For many people experiencing the effects of persistent pain, the thought of a general yoga class, even a beginners class, can be overwhelming. Many community yoga classes are too intense and feeling that you are unable to keep up with the rest of the class can leave you feeling frustrated or nervous rather than relaxed and calm.

These classes offer you the space to practice at your own comfort level, gradually building strength, flexibility and body awareness. They enable you to develop a more positive relationship with your body and yourself, through gentle movement, breathing and relaxation techniques. This will help to calm and soothe your nervous system and also help build resilience.

Informed by modern science and understanding, while remaining rooted in traditional yoga, the course will be beneficial for anyone:

  • experiencing persistent pain, fatigue etc.
  • experiencing stress, fatigue or stress-related disorders
  • seeking a gentle practice to help reduce pain and tension
  • ready and willing to take positive steps to enhance well-being

Beginners, as well as those with previous yoga experience, will benefit from:

  • Practicing gentle, breath-focused and mindful yoga movements (asanas), followed by a period of deep rest.
  • Learning safe and effective breathing techniques that soothe the nervous system, help to relieve pain and regulate the mind and emotions.
  • Learning simple meditation techniques.
  • Receiving guidance, encouragement, and support in integrating these practices into your daily life.
  • A framework for continued reduction of symptoms with short, simple practices and tools for home use.

Please note: to attend these classes you do not need to have any yoga experience or fit any stereotypical idea of what a yoga practitioner looks like. Barbara’s classes are inclusive and all are welcome.

Costs, Timing & Location

Cost: $150 (5 classes)

All classes are held at Barbara’s home studio therefore limited to 5 participants.

Next Program commences Thursday 17th February, 5.45pm – 6.45pm.

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Chronic Pain and Fatigue