Group Yoga Classes

Barbara teaches from her home studio where she takes a maximum of five students in each class. The classes are very relaxed and friendly, with a strong focus on individual attention. All classes are conducted in five-week programs and pre-booking is necessary.

Svastha Yoga Home Studio

Yoga for Svastha Classes

These are general classes suitable for all levels of experience. The emphasis is on a range of functional movements combined with breathing. We practice slowly, with awareness, in order to facilitate increased well-being – body & mind. The tone of the class is always determined by the time of day and energy of the group as a whole on the day.

All classes include asanas (postures) practised dynamically with mindful attention to movement and breath. Postures may be practised individually – moving in and out of the posture a number of times to deepen awareness of functional movement patterns, they may be held for a number of breaths to deepen your experience of the posture, or a number of postures may be linked together to form a sequence.

Following the asana practice is a period of guided rest for 10 -15 minutes and we finish with breathing exercises (pranayama) .

Read more about the approach of Svastha Yoga here –>>

If you haven’t been to one of Barbara’s classes before and are unsure about committing to a five-week block, you may attend a trial class provided there is space available. Note – this for Yoga for Svastha classes only, it does not apply to Pregnancy or Group Yoga Therapy programs.

Yoga Therapy Group Classes

These are themed classes to assist students facing similar health conditions. They are more specialised than regular group classes and are designed to educate and provide participants with practices to assist in managing their conditions.

Each participant is provided with a personal program for practice at home to facilitate progress towards health goals.

The nature of the class is dependant on the theme of the class but, as with general classes they will usually include asanas, breath work and rest/relaxation.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy classes are suitable for women from the second trimester of their pregnancy and can be attended right through until baby is born.

Pregnancy yoga is well researched and widely recognised as one of the most important self-care practices women can undertake during this special time of their lives.


5.45pm – 6.45pm – Pregnancy Yoga
7.00pm – 8.15pm – Yoga for Svastha

5.45pm – 6.45pm – Pregnancy Yoga
7.00pm – 8.30pm – Yoga Therapy

5.45pm – 6.45pm – Pregnancy Yoga
7.00pm – 8.30pm – Yoga Therapy

10.00am – 11.15am – Yoga for Svastha


Yoga for Svastha – 5-week block – $100.00
Pregnancy Yoga – 5-week block $100
Yoga Therapy Programs – Variable

All classes are conducted in 5-week blocks unless specified. Classes are pre-booked and prepaid.

If you know that there is a class you cannot attend during a block, the price will be adjusted to suit provided you advise before the program commences

No refunds or transfers after the program commences.

Svastha Yoga New Zealand

6 Prime Road
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1021

m: 021 170 2640
e: [email protected]

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Group Classes