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Women’s Health Yoga Training – Part 2

The Stages of Menopause

Welcome to our 30-hour Women’s Health Yoga training Part 2 covering the stages of menopause from the late reproductive years through to post-menopause.

This is a transformative continuing education experience crafted exclusively for yoga teachers and women seeking to prioritise their well-being through the integration of yoga and Ayurveda.

I invite you to invest in your personal growth and become part of our community of empowered women dedicated to self-care and well-being. Let’s unite in creating a ripple effect of positive change as we embrace the transformative power of self-care and share it with the world.

Note: you do not have to attend Part 1 of the full 50 hour program to attend this module.

“Each individual woman’s body demands to be accepted on its own terms.” Gloria Steinem

Throughout this training, you will gain a diverse set of skills, techniques, and innovative approaches that will serve as a valuable offering to yourself, your female students, and friends and family.

Discover how yoga can be tailored to meet the needs of female practitioners, embracing their feminine bodies, emotions, and psyches with sensitivity and kindness. In this program, we will delve into the application of yoga practices to provide support to women as they transition from the late reproductive years, perimenopause, menopause, and beyond.

Drawing on the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda, this comprehensive program will empower you with knowledge and skills to support yourself and your female students as they navigate life through this sometimes challenging transition.

Two females sitting in a cross-legged yoga pose in nature

You do not have to be a yoga teacher to attend this training; the training is open to all yoga practitioners who have a keen interest in this subject and wish to unlock the transformative power of yoga for nourishing women’s health.

Invest in your personal growth and become part of our community of empowered women dedicated to self-care and well-being. Let’s unite in creating a ripple effect of positive change as we embrace the transformative power of self-care and share it with the world.

What you will learn

  • An introduction to the stages of menopause, and how hormone changes affect our body & mind.
  • Practices to support common imbalances that can be experienced during this transition.
  • Yoga practices designed to meet energy levels on any given day.
  • Breathing techniques that soothe excess heat and calm the mind.
  • Simple lifestyle recommendations and advice on herbal supplements from Ayurveda.
  • Ways to support bone, muscle, cardiovascular, metabolic and brain health.
  • Looking at menopause through the lens of Ayurveda.
  • Ayurvedic self-care practices and lifestyle suggestions to promote balance.
  • The role of nutrition.
  • Pelvic floor awareness & health
  • The connection between yoga psychology and a balanced, supportive lifestyle.

Who is this course for?

This course is invaluable for yoga practitioners and yoga teachers alike. The main prerequisite is that you are passionate about yoga, women’s health, and are interested in deepening your understanding and practice of a feminine approach to yoga.

If you are already a yoga teacher, these courses offer an extended-learning opportunity to build on your personal and professional knowledge and help you expand on your offerings for your students in this increasingly popular, specialised area of yoga.


On completion of this course and home study requirements, yoga teachers qualify for CEUs with Yoga Alliance and Yoga New Zealand.

On completion of both parts of the Women’s Health Yoga training, yoga teachers will receive certification in Women’s Health Yoga from Svastha Yoga Aotearoa.

Program Dates:

30th August – 1st September, 2024

Retreat / Training Cost:

$600 (includes $100 non-refundable deposit payable on registration)

Cost includes:

22.5 hours live study either in person or online
2.5 hours group mentoring live online5 hours direct study / assignment
Full training manual
Access to private Facebook group

Barbara Coley

Barbara Coley is an experienced and skilled yoga teacher, educator, & certified yoga therapist. She is a passionate advocate for sound yoga practices that empower and promote well-being on all levels, particularly in the area of women’s health.

Barbara has been practising yoga since 1992 and teaching since 2007. She has deepened her understanding of yoga, and continues to do so, through extensive studies with A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan of Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda. She has also studied online with a number of renowned international teachers specialising in various fields including Vina Shah, Jean Campbell, Jivana Heyman, Amber Karnes, Tom Myers, Marlysa Sullivan, Amy Wheeler, Dianne Bondy, Tiffany Cruickshank, Sally Parkes, and more.

Barbara began her studies in Yoga Therapy with Dr Ganesh Mohan in 2010 and has been a practicing Certified Yoga Therapist since 2016. She is certified with with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Australia and Yoga New Zealand.

Barbara is grateful to be a personal student of A. G. Mohan & Indra Mohan and continues her studies and mentoring in yoga and yoga therapy with them and their son, Dr Ganesh Mohan. Barbara presents the Yoga for Svastha Yoga Teacher Training Program and the Svastha Yoga Therapy Training Program along with other Continuing Education Programs in Aotearoa.

Barbara’s yoga qualifications include:

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