Yoga Teacher Training & Professional Development Modules

Barbara is passionate about educating & empowering new and experienced yoga teachers with skills and knowledge that will help them become exceptional yoga teachers; to teach with clarity, awareness, sensitivity & heart.

Svastha Yoga New Zealand provides a range of training programs – Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy Training, and Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers.

These programs will appeal to yoga practitioners starting out on their teaching journey and experienced teachers wanting to deepen their knowledge and develop skills in specialised areas.

All programs are firmly grounded in traditional yoga combined with modern science and understanding. 

Yoga Therapy Training

Svastha Yoga Therapy Training

This is a professional training program on yoga therapy, combining the most effective aspects of traditional yoga and ayurveda, with modern medicine.

We promote a skill-based approach, which will empower you to work with yoga as prevention and as therapy. Trainees are provided with a solid foundation to grow from in their work as yoga teachers wishing to move into the area of yoga therapy, and is also useful as an enhancement to current teaching knowledge and ability.

Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Teaching Foundations and Personal Wellness Program

An enriching program for yoga practitioners who are wanting to understand the deeper layers of yoga and enhance personal well-being.

This is also the first step in becoming a Certified Svastha Yoga Teacher.

Whether attending the program for personal development or with the intention of learning to teach, you will be nurtured and supported throughout your journey toward greater self-discovery and equanimity.

350 hour Diploma in Yoga Studies

This program is perfect for practitioners who are wanting to understand yoga on a deeper level  and gain confidence and skills in teaching group classes and individual sessions. It contains a strong focus on yoga psychology and philosophy as well as presenting sound information in asana, mudras & bandhas, pranayama, meditation, sound & mantra, teaching methodology & more.

This a thought-provoking course, which actively encourages students to question current teaching methods and alignment cues. Trainees will be encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of functional anatomy and how to use this understanding to foster a healthy approach to movement. 

Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Combine your passion for women’s health and yoga!

Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training provides yoga teachers and birthing professionals an holistic understanding of how to assist our pregnant mamas throughout their journey to motherhood and beyond, using the tools of yoga and Ayurveda.

This program approaches pregnancy yoga teaching with cultural and societal awareness. Yoga teachers will develop practical skills, and the confidence to teach our mamas to be with sensitivity and heart.

Teaching Yoga for Mental Health

Learn how to teach your yoga classes with an awareness of mental health.

Recent studies have shown that over 55% of people who take up yoga do so to manage anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

This means that you will definitely have students in your class who are facing mental health challenges. This Program will provide you with the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to attend to these students with sensitivity and heart.

Teaching Yoga to Women

This is a 100 hour program that will increase your understanding of the effcts of yoga practice on women mentally, physiologically, and emotionally.

Yoga can be a powerful & stabilising force throughout all stages of a woman’s life. This program will teach you how to use and adapt the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda to support women as they journey through each of these stages.

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