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Svastha Yoga Therapy Foundations

In Person in Auckland or Live Online

The Svastha Yoga Therapy Foundations program is a modular program that culminates in a 300-hour Yoga Alliance Registered course. It is also the pre-requisite portion of the full 800-hour Svastha Yoga Therapist Certification course.

Each module of the program is presented and can be attended independently for Continuing Professional Development, and certificates are provided upon completion. For those wishing to receive their 300-hr certification, all modules need to be completed along with assignment tasks and mentoring. You may take your time to do the modules as and when it fits into your life.

In total, there are ten modules, each with a different focus, but all coming together into one cohesive unit. Eight of these modules are presented in Auckland, New Zealand, and can be attended in person or live online. Two modules are presented live online by Dr Ganesh Mohan of Svastha Yoga Ayurveda.

Each module in this program will elevate your skills as a yoga teacher and empower you with an extensive knowledge base encompassing the physiological, neurological, and emotional impacts of yoga practices.

With this expertise, you will be able to design mainstream classes that promote optimum health and well-being, to cater to individuals who may not find mainstream classes suitable, offering them personalised one-to-one sessions. Additionally, you will learn to develop small group speciality classes tailored to students dealing with similar symptoms.

In essence, these advanced training modules will empower you as a yoga teacher, enabling you to positively impact the lives of your students while fostering your personal growth and fulfilment as a yoga teacher.

We warmly welcome you to join us on this transformative and enriching journey.

Join Barbara for an online information session:

Wednesday 21st February 2024 @ 7.30pm
Wednesday 6th March 2024 @ 7.30pm
Wednesday 20th March 2014 @ 7.30pm

This internationally recognised programme has been developed by the Mohan family of Svastha Yoga Ayurveda, refined through their decades of study, practice ans practical experience. The 300-hour Svastha Yoga Therapy Foundations training lays the foundation for comprehensive knowledge and practice of yoga for wellbeing and therapy. The training is rooted in ancient wisdom, combined with modern science and extensive application.

Image shows 2 Yoga Teacher Training School Registry Marks - Yoga Alliance RYS 300 and Yoga New Zealand 300 hour Training Provider

The Svastha Yoga Therapy Foundations programme is registered with Yoga Alliance, and is the first and essential part of the full 800-hour Svastha Yoga Therapist Certification program.

Auckland-based Modules:

This course lays the foundation for understanding the traditional approach of yoga and Ayurveda toward well-being. Building on this, we then explore the practical ways to help our students create sustainable positive transformation.

The contents of this course are at the heart of all work as a yoga student, yoga facilitator and teacher of well-being, and as a yoga therapist.

Friday 5th April 2024
8.30am – 5.30pm
Cost: $175.00

This master course on breathing will help yoga teachers and health practitioners develop a deeper understanding of the art & science of breathing. Breathing plays a central role in the yoga and well-being pathway. The knowledge you gain in this course will provide you with tools and skills to help your students access greater well-being through their breath, and lay the foundation for working with the deeper practice of pranayama.

6th – 8th April & 21st – 22nd June 2024
8.30am – 5.00pm daily
Cost: $820.00

This 16-hour course on breathing will help yoga teachers develop a deeper understanding of how to assist students with respiratory & cardiovascular disorders. Learn the physiology behind respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, and when & how yoga therapy can help.

This course is disorders-based program, and may only be attended if you have completed the Breathe Well course.

23rd & 24th June 2024
8.30am – 5.00pm daily
Cost: $350.00

This comprehensive master course is specifically designed for yoga teachers and practitioners seeking a deep understanding of the theory, science, and practice of optimal movement.

Throughout the course, you will acquire essential locomotor skills necessary for promoting healthy movement patterns. These skills will be honed through guided exercises and teaching practice, allowing you to confidently integrate them into your own practice and instruction.

6th – 9th Sept & 25th – 28th Oct 2024
8.30am – 5.30pm
Cost: $1,300.00

Typically, in modern life, the bias is towards being in a constant state of ‘doing’ and many people are in a constant state of over-activation. They are overwhelmed, and find it hard to maintain their energy levels, find rest and bring positive feelings to their minds and body.

During this course you will learn ancient wisdom underpinning these topics in yoga, explore modern and practical applications, and develop your teaching skills to help yourself and your students live more restfully.

6th – 9th December 2024
8.30am – 5.00pm daily
Cost: $650.00

Awareness is the basis of conscious choice. Empowerment in self-care and well-being begins with noticing our patterns. Starting from there, classical yoga presents the practices of mindfulness, absorption, and contemplation.

In this master course, you will understand, practice, and learn to teach these experiences of awareness to others comprehensively, from yogic, modern, and practical perspectives.

7th – 10th February 2025
8.30am – 5.00pm daily
Cost: $650.00

The traditional perspective of yoga and Ayurveda has always been to view mental health holistically. They recognise that anxiety, depression & addiction is not only in our minds but also in our bodies and senses, and also related to our environment and upbringing.

This course will cover neurobiology, medical perspectives, diagnostic labelling, and a comprehensive approach to anxiety, trauma, depression, and addiction. We will also dive into teaching skills for these conditions, including language for trauma, safety guidelines, strategies and protocols, and more.

18th – 21st April 2025
8.30am – 5.30pm
Cost: $650.00

As a teacher, group classes allow you to reach more students regularly. This is beneficial not only for business viability, but also as a service for those who need support, as a method of engaging the community, and to stay in touch with students more regularly.

Teaching yoga classes for therapeutic purposes requires cultivating specific skills that go beyond just teaching yoga. This master course will provide the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to design and teach individual and group classes and courses for therapeutic needs.

10th – 11th May 2025
8.30am – 5.00pm daily
Cost: $350.00


Dunottar Hall
175 Garnet Road,
Live online with Barbara via Zoom.

Part 2) Online Study with the Mohans

This portion of the program involves online study with Dr Ganesh Mohan, A.G. Mohan, Indra Mohan and Nitya Mohan. Fees for these two modules are payable directly to Svastha Yoga Ayurveda (see below).

2024 dates to be advised

Learn the foundations of ayurveda for health maintenance and wellbeing direct from the ancient traditional sources made accessible. Understand the importance of nutrition and be guided in developing strategies for optimizing relationship to food and diet. Examine and implement lifestyle management of sleep, energy, daily activity, fasting, exercise, and sensory management for greater wellbeing from a traditional and modern scientific perspective.


The Mohan family present 3 online sessions per month to assist students in deepening and integrating skills, theory, and application of the holistic yoga approach. These are generally held on the last Saturday of every month, with two of the three sessions able to be attended in the NZ time zone.
For the 300-hour program, there is a minimum attendance of 40 hours however, students are welcome to continue with their monthly subscription for as long as desired..

Is this training for me?

You will benefit from this program if you are a yoga teacher, health coach, healthcare professional, or a serious yoga student.

  • As a yoga teacher you will address the wellbeing needs of your students effectively, expand your teachings, and take key steps toward becoming a certified yoga therapist.
  • As a health coach you will greatly expand your offerings to your clients with depth and clarity.
  • As a healthcare professional (physiotherapist, psychologist, physician), you will learn how to take a practical, scientific, holistic view of health and bring that to your patients.
  • As a serious yoga student, you will gain the skills to be well, systematically, lifelong, through yoga.

Please note: to apply for the full 300-hour programme, you must already have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training programme or its equivalent. This does not apply if attending individual modules for personal interest.

What will I learn in this program?

I. Learn and Apply Universal Wellbeing Skills in 10 Domains
  • Map wellbeing comprehensively across 10 domains: Habit & Change, Awareness, Feelings, Thoughts & Words, Movement, Breathing, Nutrition, Senses & Lifestyle, Relationships, and Life Meaning.
  • Transform yourself and your clients with extensive guided practices, reflections, daily life application, and more.
  • Understand, practice, and combine the best of multiple approaches, both traditional and modern.
II. Dive Deep into Traditional Frameworks
  • Study classical frameworks such as guṇa, doṣa, kleśa, mantra, mudra, nyāsa, devotion, eight limbs etc. from ancient wisdom.
  • Understand the traditional perspectives of yoga with breadth, depth, and clarity from trusted and authentic sources.
III. Be Confident with Relevant Modern Science
  • Understand relevant information from modern biology and medicine to work towards wellbeing and offer yoga therapy.
  • Learn anatomy, physiology, systems-based thinking and more.
IV. Understand Major Disorders and Yoga Therapy Guidelines
  • Understand major disorders: symptoms, pathology, progression, contraindications.
  • Map modern diagnoses to a holistic, skills-based approach.
  • Strategize and choose pathways to manage patterns of imbalances.
  • Understand the traditional approach to major disorders.
V. Receive Ongoing Mentoring and Guidance for Teachers & Therapists
  • Acquire comprehensive client assessment skills.
  • Learn to design practices and sequences for different needs.
  • Establish effective communication and therapeutic relationship.
  • Delivering accessible skills in multiple ways.
  • Understand contraindications and guide clients safely.
  • Gain practical insights through case studies and ongoing mentoring.

What past students say:

I have been a student of the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program since 2015, and in 2018 completed the 300-hour Foundations of Therapeutic Yoga with Barbara Coley and Dr Ganesh Mohan.

As a Yoga Teacher with an interest in offering yoga that is relevant and accessible to the community within which I teach, I found this programme immensely valuable.  Not surprisingly, this course has also been very beneficial to me on a personal level; the spacing of the modules worked particularly well for imbedding the knowledge and skills into my own life and my teaching. The in-depth face-to-face training I have received in Auckland has been greatly supported via ongoing mentoring with Barbara.

A strength of this programme is that it has been co-developed, rigorously peer-reviewed, and taught over the past decade by several Senior Svastha Yoga teachers.  These individuals have contributed their own knowledge and experience from eastern and western modalities. This approach is further enhanced by consideration of the relevant cultural context within which the programme is being taught and the learning applied.

The curriculum and teaching provide clarity with respect to what is ‘Yoga’ versus ‘Yoga Therapy’ and scope of practice.  I found this particularly useful given it is an emerging field, especially in New Zealand.

Whether your interest is personal, from the perspective of a Yoga Teacher, or work in human health, I highly recommend this programme.

Kerri-Anne Edge Hill

New Zealand Faculty

Barbara Coley C-IAYT is an experienced and skilled yoga teacher with a passion for educating practitioners and yoga teachers in the art of sound yoga practices. She has been practising yoga for 30+ years and teaching since 2007. She is a personal student of A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan of Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda, and has deepened her understanding of yoga, and continues to do so, through extensive studies with the Mohan family.

Barbara began her studies in Yoga Therapy with Dr Ganesh Mohan in 2010 and has been a practicing Certified Yoga Therapist since 2016. She has presented Svastha Yoga Therapy modules in Aotearoa since 2019.

Barbara is a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Australia and Yoga New Zealand. For more information on Barbara’s teachers, please visit the official website of Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda.

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