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Svastha Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Excellence in Yoga Education

Svastha Yoga Aotearoa presents Yoga Teacher Training programs from foundation through to advanced specialty trainings.

Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training programs have been developed by the Mohan family of Svastha Yoga Ayurveda. They are internationally recognised, highly professional, and personally transfomative programs that will enable you to teach yoga to all populations with clarity and heart.

From her many years of study and guidance from the Mohans, Barbara has also developed shorter Continuing Education Programs that enable qualified yoga teachers to expand their knowledge in areas of interest, and build their CEU credits.

Our programs offer deep insight into ancient wisdom while keeping current with modern science. This ensures that your teaching is relevant to modern life while remaining grounded in, and respectful of the yoga tradition.

Yoga Teacher Training:

Image shows yoga teacher training students in a seated pose, raising one arm and looking towards the hand

Yoga for Svastha Teacher Training & Personal Wellbeing

200-hour foundation Yoga Teacher Training program. This is a life-changing program where students are supported with practices and knowledge to enhance personal well-being, and equipped with the skills to teach others.

The program is suitable for students wanting to deepen their knowledge of yoga for personal transformation as well as those who wish to  transition from student to teacher.

The program is registered with Yoga Alliance and Yoga New Zealand.

Image shows a marble statue of Patanjali - yoga teacher training

Svastha Yoga Therapy Foundations Program

The 300-hour Svastha Yoga Therapy Foundations program is an advanced yoga teacher training designed to enable yoga teachers to better serve their communities by developing the knowledge and practical skills to address their students’ needs and work with populations requiring a therapeutic approach.

The program may be taken as a standalone course registered at the RYS300 level with Yoga Alliance; it is also the first and essential part of the full 800-hour Svastha Yoga Therapy Program for yoga teachers who wish to complete their training as Yoga Therapists.

Continuing Education Modules:

Image shows an expectant mother holding her belly - the image represents our Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training – 85 hours

Combine your passion for women’s health and yoga with Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training. This course provides yoga teachers an holistic understanding of how to assist wāhine throughout their journey to motherhood and beyond, using the tools of yoga and Ayurveda.

Yoga teachers will develop practical skills and the confidence to teach our mamas-to-be with sensitivity and heart.

Image shows a young woman in yoga clothes practising side-angle pose. The image represents Yoga for Woman Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga for Women – 50 hours

This program that will increase your understanding of the effects of yoga practice on women mentally, physiologically and emotionally.

Yoga can be a powerful and stabilising force throughout all stages of a woman’s life. This program will teach you how to use and adapt the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda to support women as they journey through each of these stages.

Image shows a mature woman sitting crosslegged with one hand on her heart. This image represents our Yoga for Healthy Ageing Yoga Teacher Training programme

Yoga for Healthy Aging – 50 hours

With a growing number of older students taking up the practice of yoga, it is ineveitable that you will at some time have an older student in your class.

While many of this population are healthy and well, there are still considerations a yoga teacher should be aware of to ensure that classes address the needs of the student.

This program will equip you with information required to teach yoga safely and effectively to an older population.

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