Private yoga instruction

Barbara offers private yoga lessons from her home studio in Grey Lynn.

In days gone by, the traditional way yoga was taught was one-to-one, teacher and student. This allowed for personalisation of yogic practices and empowers the student to achieve their practice goals whatever they may be. 

In todays yoga world, studio classes are the common expression of yoga and in many ways can be quite useful. The energy of the group can be motivational and supportive, and you can ‘hand over’ to the teacher and be guided through a practice without having to give much thought to what you should be doing.

However, there is greater opportunity for progression and transformation when you are able to sustain the motivation to practice on your own. Rather than be told what to do and when to do it, practicing on your own, for your self, offers a unique opportunity to truly support the needs of your mind and body. 

Furthermore, the deeper aspects of yoga such as mudras, bandhas, pranayama etc cannot be explored in a group situation. These practices are only accessible through deepening your inner awareness, following along with the rest of the group here is only a distraction to this awareness.

Private yoga lessons are also very beneficial where it is inappropriate to attend group class, e.g. where there is injury etc.

Benefits of private yoga include:

  • Being actively involved in your own well-being
  • Be guided and supported by a practice that supports the needs of your body and mind.
  • Practice at your own pace and come to appreciate your own body and breath.
  • Address specific health issues or injuries.
  • Learn in a setting where you feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Explore the deeper aspects of yoga – pranayama, mudras & bandhas, mindfulness, meditation & more
  • Professional development: deepen your knowledge and improve your skills in yoga teaching.

How do private yoga lessons work?

Barbara will meet you face to face for initial sessions however, followups can also be conducted via Skype.

For the best results it is recommended to have 3 sessions (once a week for 3 weeks) to ensure that your practice is leading you towards your desired outcome and that you are understanding the methodology involved. After this, sessions can take place as and when necessary.

During these lessons, Barbara will discuss your specific needs and desired goals, your current level of experience and abilities and then design a practice tailored to meet these requirements. Barbara will lead you through the practice, so that you gain an understanding of how to move and breathe, and provide you with a comprehensive visual & written plan for following at home.

Practice plans vary between students and are entirely dependant on each persons needs and goals however, they will generally include movement & breathwork, other recommendations, e.g. meditation, pranayama, diet, lifestyle etc, may also be included.

Barbara is also happy to arrange semi-private sessions for you and a friend or two.

Private Yoga Instruction Costs:

Private lessons are one hour in duration, with the exception of the first lesson which can take up to 90 minutes. Prices quoted are for 0ne hour lessons.

  • Private yoga instruction  –  $90 
  • Prepay 3 lessons – $250
  • Prepay 5 lessons – $405
  • 2 people – $120
  • Small groups – up to 5 people (offsite) – $140 (within 10 kilometres)
  • Corporate yoga classes: $175 per hour (within 10 kilometres)

Travel over 10kms will incur an additional mileage fee.

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