Group Yoga Therapy Classes

Barbara presents a range of group yoga therapy classes to assist students facing similar health conditions. These classes are usually conducted in 6 week programs and are designed to teach participants skills in self care to improve well-being.

Classes include theory to increase students’ understanding of how to use yoga to bring about change, and practice. All  participants are provided with personal programs, for home use, based on their particular needs and health challenges.

Currently Barbara presents programs on the following topics. These are scheduled intermittently through the year.

Stress Resilience

Learn self-care practices and skills that will help you reduce the negative effects of stress, help you to bounce back from stressful situations, and build your resilience to stress.

Pain & Fatigue

Beneficial for fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases etc. Gentle movement and breathing exercises, combined with restorative postures, will help restore energy and assist in pain reduction.

Healthy Backs

Chronic back pain is one of the most prevalent health issue we face in modern life. This program will help you develop greater postural awareness and healthy movement patterns.


Gentle hatha yoga practices of movement, breathing & deep relaxation to help with symptoms experienced due to endometriosis

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Yoga Therapy Classes