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Foundations of Wellbeing & Yoga Therapy

Duration – 8 hours

This course lays the foundation for understanding the traditional approach of yoga and Ayurveda toward wellbeing. Building on that, we then explore the practical ways to help our students create sustainable positive transformation.

The contents of this course are at the heart of all work as a yoga student, yoga facilitator and teacher of wellbeing, and as a yoga therapist.

This course is a part of the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program and can be attended as  part of the 300-hour Yoga Therapy foundations course or independently, as a continuing education program. It will be also available as an online module at a later date.

Course Content:

During this course, participants will:

  • Appreciate the holistic view of yoga and Ayurveda.
  • Explore wellbeing as the balance of functions in all levels of yourself.
  • Use the full-spectrum Svastha map of wellbeing to look at the skills of wellbeing.
  • Receive an introduction to assessing imbalance.
  • Work with the ways to create, support, and sustain positive change.
  • Understand conscious vs. unconscious in the yoga view: patterns and shifts.
  • Appreciate the importance of the principle of adaptation—use it or lose it.
  • Explore willpower, energy, resistance, effort as parameters that influence change.
  • Differentiate stress vs. challenge. Cultivate safety, resilience. Understand coping and allostasis.
  • Use curiosity, exploration, play, and the new vs familiar.
  • Cognize the role of environment in change: supports for new patterns, triggers for old patterns.
  • Choose steps in the journey of change: small steps and large steps.
  • Adjust degree of challenge: less vs more in time and complexity.
  • Manage lapses, trying again vs trying differently.
  • Work with motivation: values, conviction, insight, changing vs. growing.
  • Explore the personal meaning of change, value system, intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, changing vs. growing.
  • Explore cultivating acceptance, balancing engagement, and letting go.

Traditional Frameworks

  • vṛtti-samskāra cycle.
  • hetu, phala, āśraya, ālambana.
  • śraddhā, vīrya, prajñā.
  • tapas, svādhyāya, īśvara-praṇidhāna.
  • vrata/vow/commitment.


The program is held over 1 day, 8.30am – 5.00pm.

Friday 5th April 2024

This program lays the foundation for the Svastha approach to yoga therapy. It is recommended that you attend this course as early as possible in your yoga therapy journey.

If you miss the live in-person session, you will be able to purchase the course as on-demand learning – please speak with Barbara for details.




$175.00 incl. GST

Barbara Coley

Barbara Coley is an experienced and skilled yoga teacher, educator, & certified yoga therapist. She has a deep passion for sharing sound yoga practices that empower and promote well-being on all levels.

Barbara has been practising yoga since 1992 and teaching since 2007. She has deepened her understanding of yoga, and continues to do so, through extensive studies with A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan of Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda. She has also studied online with a number of renowned international teachers specialising in various fields including Vina Shah, Jean Campbell, Jivana Heyman, Amber Karnes, Tom Myers, Marlysa Sullivan, Amy Wheeler, Dianne Bondy, Tiffany Cruickshank, and more.

Barbara began her studies in Yoga Therapy with Dr Ganesh Mohan in 2010 and has been a practicing Certified Yoga Therapist since 2016. She is certified with with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Australia and Yoga New Zealand.

Barbara is grateful to be a personal student of A. G. Mohan & Indra Mohan and continues her studies and mentoring in yoga and yoga therapy with them and their son, Dr Ganesh Mohan. Barbara presents the Yoga for Svastha Yoga Teacher Training Program and the Svastha Yoga Therapy Training Program in Aotearoa.

Barbara’s yoga qualifications include:

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